I'm Kendall and this is my blog. I've decided to post a blog page because there are constantly thousands of people begging me to write my thoughts. Ok well, that's not totally true. Actually, Natalie my wife, keeps telling me I need to, so hey there Nat, how's it going?

So I'm 46 and I try my best not to look and act the way I used to think of 46-year-olds. I love my church, my family, and golf. I'm not a golfer because I'm a minister, I've been playing since high school and I've enjoyed passing it on to my sons.

I always reach for the stars and frequently get the ceiling. But like Lennon said, "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." I'd rather dream than get cynical.

I was raised in Illinois, South Carolina, Mississippi, and then back to Illinois before finally ending up in California. I'm here for good. I love this place even though it's not, at all, what I thought California was like. My dad took a job in California, sight-unseen, and I was thrilled to be moving to the land of beaches, convertibles, and endless beauty. Then our plane landed in Stockton.


Thanks for tuning into my blog. Hopefully I can write something that you connect with.