We're a tight family and because of life circumstances we stick to ourselves a lot, I suppose. Natalie is my wife and simply the most beautiful and supportive person on the planet. She is a living "Barnabas" in my life (encourager) and makes me feel like a million bucks even when I feel like I'm worth nothing. And as an added bonus, she's totally hot!! :)

Luke, 20, is our firstborn and life totally changed when he showed up. I didn't like kids on December 25, 1989. That changed on the next day and I've been smitten every since. He survived 18 diagnosed cases of pneumonia before he was 5, countless intense battles with asthma, many hospitalizations and he's now playing college golf, does amazing design and photography work (including this blog and our church website) and is my bestest buddy!

Titus is 15 and has experienced more in his life than most any 50 people combined. Diagnosed at 4 with a softball-sized malignant brain tumor, he's been through it all yet retains an intense love for life. He's in a wheelchair but dreams of walking again and is in therapy to get back on his feet. He's our little hero and a lot of my writing here will center on things I've learned from him.